Dr Rohit Malik is a Research Associate at Centre of Advanced Structural Ceramics group in the Department of Materials.  His research focuses on developing new powder-based processing techniques for the additive manufacturing of ceramics and ceramic composites.

Rohit obtained Masters (Hons) in Metallurgy & Materials Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, India and PhD in Material Science and Engineering from University of Seoul, South Korea.

At IIT Roorkee, Rohit was a member of Triboceramics group and worked on developing TiCN-based cermets for high-temperature erosion wear applications. Following this he moved to University of Seoul for PhD, where he worked on developing SiC-based ceramics and composites for structural and functional applications at Functional Ceramics Laboratory. He worked on the development of thermally-insulating porous ceramics, electrically-conductive porous ceramics, wear-resistant dense ceramics, plastically-deformable ceramic composites,  and joining of ceramics.