Assistant Supervisors 

Postdocs play an important role in helping to supervise students on a day-to-day basis. Post docs are staff who will have a PhD, and be employed to undertake research.  They may also supervise MSc and Undergraduate students and support PhD students. Many students see postdocs as their 'go to person' and as such, they are an extremely valuable support for PhD students. Postdocs who support the supervision of PhD students can be appointed as Assistant Supervisors and be part of a student's supervisory team.  

Subject to completion of mandatory training requirements (including the face-to-face or online course 'Introduction to being an Assistant Supervisor' and outlined in documents below), postdocs can be formally recognised as Assistant Supervisors. 

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Graduate School's Supervisors' Guide: Hari Arora

Listen to Dr Hari Arora who talks about his role as a postdoc in the Department of Bioengineering and the roles of the main and co-supervisor.