Developing a framework to assess wearable technology in complex operations.

Started: May 2018

Supervisor: Dr Arnab Majumdar

Description of Research

Phenomena such as workload, fatigue, and stress have a negative impact on operator’s safety and performance in the workplace. Due to the demands of complex operations on operators’ psychological resources, they are notorious for invoking high levels of fatigue, workload, and stress amongst operators. Traditionally, however, the measurement of these phenomena have been restricted to a laboratory environment due to the bulkiness of the equipment. However, with recent advances in computing and engineering, wearable versions of measures used to assess fatigue workload and stress are now available. Whilst many devices exist, there is a lack of research validating wearable devices in operational settings. Therefore, the project will aim at assessing whether these devices can detect the above-mentioned phenomena in complex operations. By understanding the effective use of wearable devices, the student aims to develop a framework which developers and academics can use to assess devices in the future.