Title of Study: AEC Production Control Room

Description: A scalable and repeatable 'plug-and-play' construction management and reporting platform.

AECThis project aims to provide a solution to help UK construction be more efficient and proactive rather than reactive, with a scalable and repeatable ‘plug-and-play’ construction management and reporting platform known as the AEC Production Control Room. The platform will be tested on three major infrastructure projects in the UK. This digital project management platform will be accessible via physical site-mounted 'AEC Production Control Rooms' that will display a suite of preconfigured performance metrics using real-time data, facilitating forward planning and collaborative decision making at team, project and portfolio level. A fourth HQ-mounted Master Control Room will enable benchmarking across different projects remotely.

The proposed system provides innovative, scalable and practical demonstrators delivering against construction sector objectives by:

  • Improving collaboration, communication and visibility between project and JV partners, HQs and clients;
  • Improving productivity, quality and performance through better visibility and forecasting (per-project control room);
  • Improving resource allocation, project management and waste reduction;
  • Improving information sharing within and between project delivery partners and supply chain; Identifying new business and delivery models to improve and disseminate efficiency methods to supply chain.

Imperial Research Team:

Centre of Systems Engineering and Innovation: Dr Karim Farghaly, Prof. Jennifer Whyte, Dr Ranjith Soman


A consortium of partners including Mace, 3D Repo, Imperial College, University College London, eviFile, and Mission Room have successfully won £1.6 million of funding in the form of a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. The total project cost is £3.6 million.

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