Matlab Primer: Dr Prasun Ray
One 4-hour computational lab in week 1 of Term 1

Introduction to HPC: Dr Prasun Ray
10 hours of classes and 4 hours of computational labs in Term 1

  • Lecture 1: Course Overview. Getting started - working with UNIX and the command line
  • Lecture 2: Software version control with GIT and Bitbucket
  • Lectures 3-6: Programming and scientific computing with Python
  • Lectures 7-10: Introduction to Fortran 90 - modular programming and using popular libraries; interfacing with Python with F2Py

Numerical methods: Dr Eamonn Murray
10 hours of contact time in Term 1

  • Root finding
  • Optimization problems
  • Numerical integration
  • Solving differential equations
  • Solving systems of equations
  • Ewald summation
  • Big data & machine learning techniques

Group Programming Project: Dr Eamonn Murray
8 hours of contact time in Term 2

The ability to develop software collaboratively in an effective way, using modern tools is an extremely valuable skill. Scientific computing tools are most often written by groups of researchers working together, and this is also true for any other software package. This course will give students direct experience of this process, by working together in groups to develop a useful piece of software.

The cohort will be divided into several groups and given a set of minimum requirements for a piece of software to solve a scientific problem. They will work together using a git repository to develop their code which will be due on the first day of reading week in Term 2.