The following opportunities have been aranged by our outreach officer Dr Simon Foster. If you have any questions or would like to get involved please get in touch with Simon.

London Philharmonic Orchestra Outreach Event

jana outreach On 18th of February, the London Philharmonic Orchestra organised “Conducting Science”, a family event based around the central theme of sound. This constituted of a child-friendly concert preceded by a variety of interactive demonstrations. These covered all aspects of sound in a very broad context ranging from the visual arts, to music and of course: science. Through our beloved outreach officer Simon Foster, the LPO invited Physics and TSM students to take care of the latter with exciting science demos for kids and parents alike.

So on this bright Saturday morning, Andrew, Jana, Nicola, Andrew and Jonas went along to the Royal Festival Hall armed with three demonstrations, all well thought-out by Simon. As soon as the doors opened families started pouring in and it was nice to see that there was a more than healthy interest in our demonstrations. Queues started forming at the three stands as the kids were interested to find out why the Chinese spouting bowl made such a mess and where the pretty table salt patterns on top of the Chladni plate - almost worth the piercing sound it makes in the process - came from. The third demo visualised directly that sound is made up of pressure waves. It consisted of a small mirror glued to a balloon which in turn was fixed over a cup with a whole in the bottom. So when someone sings into the back of it the laser dot starts moving around as the balloon at the other end of the cup wiggles around, driven by the pressure of that person’s voice. The kids were intrigued, their parents interested in the more in depth explanations behind them: everyone were mesmerised.

A special thank you has to go to Andrew who stepped after Simon did his back in which took him out of action for a few days. Without Andrew’s efforts in getting all the equipment there and back, the whole event would most likely have had to be cancelled. I cannot imagine the disappointment in the kids’ eyes if they would have turned up and the promised science would not have been there. The horror. So a big thank you to Andrew for saving the day and everyone else who helped out with this exciting public engagement event.

The Festival of Science - Coming soon...

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