Exciting news! Steelwork installation will commence soon to install Imperial’s new White City Campus entrance, which oversales the Central Line. The computer generated image above shows the completed scheme.

Once delivered, the new entrance, bridge and landscaped approach will replace the current ‘curved’ bridge and construction access on Depot Road, providing a better pedestrian environment and a much improved junction interface with Wood Lane.

Click through the carousel below to see a snapshot of the sequencing the contractor PJ Carey’s will follow to install this major piece of infrastructure:


Formwork and bridge abutments installation

Installation of braced pairs onto bridge abutment bearing shelf

Concrete pour to North bridge deck and steel fixing works to South bridge deck

Concrete pours, parapets and central wall complete

North deck waterproofing membrane installation

Pavement construction to North bridge deck and approach ramp

Western access road complete and opened to vehicular traffic

Backfill and installation of utilities to South Bridge to make connections to Wood Lane

Installation of paving to all areas of South bridge and tie in to LBHF works on Wood Lane

Infrastructure Works detail:

For this installation to run smoothly, some out-of-hours works need to commence around February 2024. We appreciate residents' continued understanding and cooperation and have carefully planned the operation to mitigate noise and vibration to the local area. These works are expected to be completed by mid-May 2024.

Contacts for the bridge works:

Should you have any concerns in relation to these works, please contact PJ Carey’s directly. The contact details for the Site team are as follows:

  • James Williams, Project Manager - 07789 925272
  • James Morgan, Project Engineer - 07462 414813
  • Kenny Nealy, Construction Manager - 07703 819692
  • Andrew Sadler, Senior Engineer - 07840 149862

Other contact details:

Should you have any concerns about PJ Carey’s or the construction more generally, please contact:

  • Sarah King, White City Campus Manager - 07714 051675

Or email:

If you would like to learn more about the project or the wider plans for the White City campus, please visit here