The Molecular Sciences Research hub

Home to our Department of Chemistry, the Molecular Sciences Research Hub is a state of the art facility for chemical and molecular sciences. We have welcomed more than 800 scientists, clinicians, engineers and commercial partners to advance research in areas such as clean energy, chemical biology, and personal healthcare.

Research hub statistics

Molecular research hub stats.


Facilities at the MSRH 

  • The Agilent Measurement Suite, with equipment to analyse complex samples of blood, wastewater, or industrial process streams.
  • The Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR), with equipment for synthetic planning and cutting-edge synthesis research.
  • Our Chemistry Cleanroom, with equipment for the fabrication of perovskite technologies, and microfluidic devices.
  • Our Computational facilities and specialists.
  • Crystallography services where samples can be run, with support from our team of experts.
  • The Mass Spectrometry Facility, with a range of spectrometers for different applications.
  • Our Nano Lab, with particulate-filtered fume hoods for safe work on nanoparticles.
  • NMR services, with six spectrometers currently in operation.

The Invention Rooms

The Invention Rooms are a unique space in White City. With cutting-edge facilities and friendly staff, we are inspiring a new generation of inventors, entrepreneurs and makers from the local area. The team runs a wide range of programmes including a tech drop-in session for older residents, coding clubs for young people and a range of pop-up events and activities throughout the year.

At The Invention Rooms, you will find…