Students constructing a model during a workshop.

The Reach Out Makerspace is an innovative educational centre, dedicated to hands-on activities that engage students creatively in STEM.

The Reach Out Makerspace is a state-of-the-art educational facility at our White City Campus. It is dedicated to hands-on activities aimed at engaging school children creatively in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

In September 2017, Imperial opened a new suite of workshops in White City, which includes:

  • a public events space
  • a dedicated Makerspace for school students and the community
  • a Hackspace for Imperial students

The Reach Out Makerspace has a variety of tools such as 3D printers, scanners, laser cutters, woodworking equipment and much more. This unique immersive environment provides young people with a space to experiment, design and innovate. 

There are several funded programmes operating in the Reach Out Makerspace, including the Maker Challenge Programme.

Like all of our Outreach programmes, our staff and students support participants as activity leader and mentors. The Makerspace is championed by Professor Maggie Dallman, the College's academic lead on outreach strategy.