For those in our academic community wishing to learn more about entrepreneurialism, our partnership with the Crick gives access to excellent training ranging from how to develop a preliminary idea to bringing an idea to market. Our academic community will benefit from the expertise of the Crick’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Barbara Domayne-Hayman. Further details about the Crick's entrepreneurial offerings and the Entrepreneur in Residence are available on the Crick’s website

Programme for Up and Coming Life Sciences Entrepreneurs (PULSE)

When: The call for PULSE is open until 22 January 2023 and will be running in person at the Crick from 20–22 March 2023. 

Who: The call for applicants to PULSE is open to academics, clinicians and postdocs. You must be an aspiring entrepreneur or new CEO looking for advanced practical advice, support and feedback. 

Apply: Details of how to apply to PULSE are available on the PULSE website. Queries can be raised with either the Crick’s Barbara Domayne-Hayman ( or Sam Cruickshank at the BIA (

More information: PULSE is a three-day leadership and entrepreneurship training programme which the Crick have developed with the UK Bioindustry Association (BIA). This programme is for aspiring entrepreneurs and new CEOs looking for advanced practical advice, support and feedback from leading entrepreneurs, renowned professionals and CEOs. Full details of PULSE, and the option to register your interest for future cohorts, can be found on the PULSE website

Knowledge Quarter Labs 

When: The call for the Knowledge Quarter (KQ) labs usually opens in May and closes in September. The programme runs from October to March. 

Who: The call for applicants to the KQ labs programme is open to academics, clinicians and postdocs. You must have an early-stage data-driven health startup to attend. 

Apply: Details of how to apply to the Crick's KQ labs programme are available on the Crick’s website

More information: The KQ labs programme is a five-month accelerator programme for early-stage data-driven health startup founders. The programme provides entrepreneurial support plus contact with angel investors, venture capitalists and other sources including non-dilutive funding. Each founder is provided with a £40k convertible loan. The programme is run jointly by the Crick and LifeArc. Full details about the programme are on the Crick’s website.  

Data X Biomedical Summer School 

When: It is unclear when the call for this scheme will open again. In the meantime, you may request more information, express your interest, or ask to be directly notified when the call opens by emailing the Crick-Imperial Partnership Manager, Dr Corinne Hanlon

Who: This call is open to all members of our academic community: academics, clinicians, PhD students and postdocs. You do not need to have an entrepreneurial idea in mind to attend this programme. 

Apply: Details of how to apply can be found on the Crick’s website

More information: This four-day bootcamp is tailored for researchers in the early stages of considering entrepreneurial opportunities. You do not need to have an existing idea in order to attend this bootcamp. The bootcamp is run in collaboration by the Crick, the Alan Turing Institute, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Entrepreneur First.