The content on this page is for individuals interested in undertaking a PhD.

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For new students

PhD programme

When: Applications usually open in October with entry for the following academic year.

Who: The Crick’s PhD programme is open to high-quality students who meet the programme eligibility criteria.

Apply: Eligible applicants should apply direct through the Crick’s academic recruitment system. Full details on the recruitment process, including eligibility criteria see the Crick’s PhD Programme website.

More information: The Crick looks for talented and motivated graduates with backgrounds in biological or biomedical sciences, physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics or computer science to join the Crick PhD programme. Successful applicants are offered a place on the Crick PhD programme and a PhD studentship that covers:

  • £26,125 tax-free student stipend (living allowance) per year for four years
  • Tuition fees
  • If applicable, reimbursement of the student visa application fee and immigration health surcharge