Programme information

The H415 MEng Aeronautics with Spacecraft Engineering programme offers students the opportunity to specialise in advanced topics related to the design of systems for operation in space and have that specialization reflected in their degree title. This stream follows the majority of the H401 Aeronautical Engineering programme, however

  • Students must select a total of at least three spacecraft related elective modules (group S) over years 3 and 4 (two in year 3 and at least one more in year 4)
  • a space-related Group Design Project (GDP) must be undertaken in the Summer term of year 3
  • a space-related Final Year Project (FYP) must be undertaken in the 4th year.

There are at present no plans to introduce an Aeronautics with Spacecraft Engineering and a Year in Industry programme. Students must have achieved at least a 2:1 weighted average over their first two years of study to transfer to the H415 course. Due to the requirements for a space-related GDP and FYP, places on the Spacecraft programme are limited. 

For more information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr Errikos Levis ( ) .

Programme transfer process

The transfer from the H401 to the H415 programme will take place during the summer between the 2nd and 3rd year of study.  

  1. Students who wish to transfer to H415 programme must indicate their interest to transfer using the relevant application form, distributed with all other option selection forms during the Spring term of the 2nd year.
  2. Please note that official transfer to the H415 programme will not be actioned until the end of July  (after exam board and results released to students).  You need to be aware that as stated above that if you have failed to be selected for the H415 programme, the transfer will not take place. The UG Office will inform you when the transfer has been finalised.