Events are held in rooms in the Skempton Building (SKEM) or City and Guilds (CAGB) unless indicated otherwise below.
Details of staff can be found on our Aeronautics Academic, Teaching, Administrative, Technical and Operations Staff website.

Monday 3rd October 2022

10:00-11:00    College Welcome Talk (Great Hall)                    
11:00-13:00    Department Welcome/Briefing/Registration (SKEM 164) 
                      Head of Department 
                      Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS)  
                      Head of Student Experience
                      Senior Tutor
                      Student Wellbeing Advisor 
                      Tutor for Women 
                      followed by registration, welcome pack/iPad collection from Undergraduate Office Staff

14:30-16:30   Student Union, Student RepresentativesAerosoc and 'Mums and Dads' Welcome Talks (SKEM 164) 
                     followed by Mums and Dads social event (CAGB 309).

Tuesday 4th October 2022

09:00-10:00  Health and Safety Briefing (SKEM 164) :  Department Safety Officer 
10:00-10:15   Blackboard Learn Induction (SKEM 164) :  Faculty Learning Technologists 
10.20-10.50   Institute of Mechanical Engineers (iMechE) Presentation (SKEM 164) 
11:00-12:00   Library and Plagiarism Briefing (SKEM 164):  Aeronautics Librarian 
12:00-13:00   Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) Presentation (SKEM 164) 

Thursday 6th October 2022

09:00-10:00  Programme Summary Briefing (SKEM 164) : Director of Undergraduate Studies 
10:00-12:00  AERO40006 Mathematics Lecture (SKEM 164) 
13:00-13:30  ICT Computing Briefing (SKEM 164) : ICT Staff 
13.30-14.30  Department Computing Briefing (SKEM 164) : Dept IT Officer 
15:00-17:00  Scavenger Hunt: DUGS and Department Teaching Fellows
17.00-17.50  Scavenger Hunt Refreshments in the City and Guilds Foyer

Friday 7th October 2022

10:00-12:00   AERO40006 Mathematics Lecture (SKEM 164) 
13:00-15:00   AERO40006 Mathematics Lecture (SKEM 164)