The Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology hosts a Medical Devices (MD) Laboratory comprehensively equipped for the development, test & measurement of biomedical circuits & systems.

This laboratory is comprehensively equipped for the development, testing and measurement of biomedical circuits and systems. Such devices often require low noise instrumentation operating at relatively low frequency and have ultra low power requirements. This facility includes instruments for semiconductor characterisation, equipment for time, frequency and impedance characterisation (e.g. oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, CV), instruments for low noise transimpedance and voltage amplification, signal generation, a semi-automatic probe station with laser for trimming and failure analysis, a temperature chamber, PCB rapid prototyping facility (LPKF-based), and all standard electronic test & measurement equipment.

Location:  Bessemer Building, B505

Facility Contacts:



Semiconductor Analysis

  • Wentworth Laboratories AWP2000: 150mm Semi-automatic Probe Station
  • New-wave Research EzLaze II: Laser cutting (532nm/355nm dual wavelength) system [Datasheet]
  • Keithley 4200 SCS: Semiconductor Characterisation System, 4 SMU channels [Brochure|Datasheet|Manual
  • Keithley 4200-UL-LS-12: 12-channel UL Switch Matrix
  • Keithley 2602 (x6): Dual Channel Source Measure Unit (SMU) [Brochure|Datasheet|Manual
  • Agilent N6705B: Modular DC Power Analyzer [Website] configured with: 2x N6761A Precision power supply, 2x N6782A 2-Quadrant SMU
  • Agilent E4980A: 2 MHz Precision LCR Meter [Brochure|Datasheet|Manual
  • Espec 241: Temperature chamber [Brochure]

Time-domain analysers

  • Time-domain analysersLeCroy WavePro 7300A: 10GS/s, 20MS, 4-channel, 3GHz Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope [Brochure|Manual]
  • LeCroy WaveSurfer 434 (x3): 2GS/s, 10MS, 4-channel, 350MHz Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope [Brochure|Datasheet|Manual]
  • Tektronix DPO4034 (x2): 2.5GS/s, 10MS, 4-channel, 350MHz Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope [Datasheet|Manual]
  • Tektronix TLA5202: 2GHz, 68-channel, Logic Analyser [Install Ref ]
  • Tektronix MSO2014 (x2): 1GS/s, 1MS, 4-channel, 16-digital input, 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope
  • GW Instek GDS1062A (x3) 60MHz and GDS1022 (x2) 20MHz, 2-channel Digital Oscilloscope

Frequency-domain analysers

Generic analysers

  • Generic analysersKeithley 2000/E: High precision 6 1/2 digit DMM [Brochure]

Waveform Generators