The Biomechanics Group, together with Mechatronics in Medicine (MiM) and Bio-Mechatronics makes up the Medical Engineering Group, within the Applied Mechanics Division of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London.

The Biomechanics Group is headed by Professor Andrew Amis. The group has a long history of innovation in orthopaedics going back to the pioneering work of Sydney Swanson and Michael Freeman in the 1970s. The group now consists of three full time academic staff, and nearly 30 researchers, consisting of post-doctoral research associates, research assistants, surgical research fellows, MD(Res) students and PhD students.

The group is involved in a variety of multidisciplinary projects using engineering techniques to solve orthopaedic problems and develop new orthopaedic devices. As well as our colleagues in MiM, we work closely with other research groups within Mechanical Engineering, including Tribology and with groups in other Departments within the College, including Biomechanics in Bioengineering, Structural Biomechanics in Civil Engineering and the MSk Lab at Charing Cross Hospital.


Patient specfic guide for total shoulder replacement


Glenoid design for total shoulder replacement


Pin on disk friction testing


Hydrogel development work

shoulder psg

Patient specfic guide for total shoulder replacement


Robotic testing of knee replacements