Exclusively for first year undergraduate students, the Imperial Work Shadowing Scheme will give you an opportunity to gain insight into a job role and sector of interest to you. The scheme aims to provide a short but rich experience that will allow you to explore the realities of a certain job function, and question and learn from professionals to help to inform your career plans. 

The scheme runs twice a year during the Spring and Summer vacation periods. As part of the scheme, eligible students will have the opportunity to experience one of the following; 
Work Shadowing Day (in-person) – a physical day in the workplace observing a job role in action. 
Work Shadowing Conversation (online) – an online one-to-one careers focused conversation with a professional.  
Both options provide an exclusive opportunity to gain a better understanding of the job market, develop insight into a typical day in a certain job role and sector, improve your network, enhance your CV, increase your career confidence and commercial awareness and gain hints and tips that will support your future applications.  

Register your interest in the scheme via Exclusive Opportunities in JobsLive to be notified once applications open. 

If you have any questions, please email workshadowing@imperial.ac.uk.

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How do I apply?

Applications for the next round of Work Shadowing will open in Spring 2024.

The online application form will require you to choose up to three Work Shadowing host profiles from the Work Shadowing Host Directory in order of preference and detail a motivation to be matched to each profile. Work Shadowing places can be competitive with limited places for certain hosts. A strong application will showcase your commitment to your career development and a detailed interest in each chosen host profile. 

All applications will be reviewed by the Work Shadowing Team after applications close. Successful applicants will then be matched to one of their preferred Work Shadowing host profiles and invited to attend an online induction event at the end of June before being sent their host's contact details to arrange their work shadowing experience. 

Spring Work Shadowing Experiences should take place between March-April 2024. 
Summer Work Shadowing Experiences should take place between July-September 2024. 


Work Shadowing experiences are exclusively available to first year undergraduate students at Imperial College London. We have chosen to be selective for this year group as we appreciate that it can be particularly difficult for first year students to network and gain professional insights.

Please note the Work Shadowing Scheme is not open to Business School students – please contact the Imperial Business School Careers Service for careers support.


Work Shadowing is an unpaid experiential learning experience which gives you the opportunity to observe or converse with a professional in a job role/sector of interest to you. As such you will not be in receipt of a salary for the time spent with an organisation. For students engaging in the in-person Work Shadowing Day, please check with your host if they are able to cover reasonable travel costs and expenses (this only applies to in-person experiences outside of Greater London). 

Terms and Conditions

Please note, although we try to match all applicants, we cannot guarantee that every application will result in a work shadowing opportunity. Student/Host matches will be made on the basis of the preferences expressed in the application form and on the strength of the application answer. Where the scheme is over-subscribed, priority will be given to students that meet the College’s Widening Participation criteria as well as students that were not sucessfully placed if applied in Spring. If you are unsuccessful in being matched, we would encourage you to consider applying to the Alumni Mentoring Scheme in your second year. 

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact workshadowing@imperial.ac.uk.