Online events 2023

Please note that online Careers events will be take place on Microsoft Teams (unless otherwise stated).

Throughout the year we run regular sessions covering a variety of careers related topics. We’ve themed our sessions into three categories from insight sessions (discoveries) to fast-paced introductions (essentials) through to longer more practical sessions (labs).

A description of our events is given below to help you navigate to what’s most appropriate for your particular needs. You can then search JobsLive to book seminars and workshops. 

It is your responsibility to add events that you book into your diary and to ensure you can attend for the full duration of the session.

Seminars and workshops

Career Essentials

These seminars are designed to provide you with the core knowledge and an understanding of the subject matter. Sessions cover the range of application stages, networking and how to make career choices at various points of your degree and are delivered by our careers consultants. (Duration 50-60 minutes).

Career Essentials - Application Forms

Enhance your understanding of impactful and successful answers to typical application form questions.

Career Essentials - Assessment Centres

Broaden your understanding of the many tasks and activities used to test your suitability for internships and employment.

Career Essentials - CVs and Cover Letters

Learn how to write impactful CVs and tailored cover letters.

Career Essentials – Interviews

Enhance your understanding of interview formats and typical questions while learning how to structure effective answers.

Career Essentials - Finding a Job or Internship 2022-2023

Gain practical tips and support to help you choose the next steps for your future and develop a strategy to maximise your chances of finding relevant employment or development opportunities during economic uncertainty.

Career Essentials – LinkedIn

Maximise your use of this powerful networking tool to help advance your career.

Career Essentials - Postgraduate Study

Learn more about further study options, timeframes, funding and applications.

Career Essentials - Psychometric Tests

Gain an understanding of various assessments and practise commonly used tests.

Career Labs

These workshops are designed to be highly interactive. Throughout the session you will be expected to participate in various activities to help you understand and gain experience in the subject. Sessions are delivered by our careers consultants and cover a range of activities found in recruitment including transferable skills development such as teamwork, assertiveness and presentation skills. (Duration 90-120 minutes).

Career Labs - Case Studies

Practise case study activities used in consultancy interviews or assessment centres in this interactive workshop.

Career Labs – Interviews

Practise your interview answers with other students in this interactive workshop.

Career Labs – Mock Assessment Centres

Practise group work activities that are used as part of formal assessments and receive feedback on your performance. 

Career Discoveries

These seminars provide a starting point to explore occupational areas and have a focus on how to secure and make the most of internships within the specific field. Our placement and internship advisers will share their knowledge of the industry sectors and provide you with top tips about the relevant sector. 

Career Discovery - Internships In [insert sector]

Discover more about the specific named sector and improve your ability to search and apply for internships in the area. Sectors covered include data analytics; energy; engineering consultancy; investment banking; management consultancy; pharmaceuticals and science communication. To watch these sessions view our employer presentation recordings webpage. 

Please note that these events are not open to Business School students who can access the events run by the Business School Careers Service.