Online events 2021

Please note that all Careers events will be taking place online with Microsoft Teams (unless otherwise stated) during the spring term.

Throughout the year we run regular sessions covering a variety of careers related topics. We’ve themed our sessions into four categories from fast-paced introductions (intensives) through to longer more practical sessions (labs). A description of each category is given below to help you navigate to what’s most appropriate for your particular needs.

Careers Service seminars and workshops

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Please see the Careers Service response to the Coronavirus.

Career Intensives

These presentations are fast-paced lasting approximately 30 minutes to provide starting points to help you understand the basics of the subject. Sessions cover topics such as CVs and Cover Letters. (Duration 30 minutes).

Career Essentials

These seminars typically last 50 minutes and are designed to provide you with the core knowledge and an understanding of the subject matter. Sessions cover the range of application stages, networking and how to make career choices at various points of your degree. (Duration 50 minutes).

Career Labs

These workshops last approximately 90 minutes and are designed to be highly interactive. Throughout the session you will be expected to participate in various activities to help you understand and gain experience in the subject. Sessions cover the range of application stages, career decision making and transferable skills development including assertiveness and presentation skills. (Duration 90 minutes).

Career Discoveries

These seminars provide a starting point to explore occupational areas and have a focus on how to secure and make the most of internships within the specific field. Our Placement & Internship Advisors will share their knowledge of the industry sectors and provide you with top tips about the relevant sector. (Duration 50 minutes).

Pleaes note that these events are not open to Business School students