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It is extremely important that patients and the public are involved in research on patient safety. If you would like to get involved, please contact the PSTRC team

Patient SafetyThe NIHR Imperial Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (PSTRC) forms the hub of our patient safety work. The PSTRC is a partnership between Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Imperial College London, with researchers from a specialised set of research groups working together to improve patient safety and the quality of healthcare services. 

The aims of this Centre are to advance the scientific understanding of patient safety, address safety challenges as healthcare evolves and translate evidence into practice. Our core work relates to six topics: 

  1. Developing safer healthcare systems, including understanding how to limit the risks associated with transitions in care pathways and facilitating safer practice through the use of behavioural insights
  2. Partnering with patients to develop and execute research projects that are reflective of and responsive to patient priorities
  3. Avoiding deterioration for patients with complex health conditions, including the use of big data and innovative technologies to identify deterioration in physical and mental health
  4. Improving medication safety and technology in an effort to reduce medication errors, which are the most prevalent cause of harm in healthcare
  5. Promoting learning health systems and advancing diagnostic decision support
  6. Ensuring value for money in safety by applying health economics principles to our research and evaluating local and national safety policies. 

These focus areas guide our work, but are flexible to the evolving nature of patient safety. We are also working with our digital health team to understand the new frontier of patient safety and cybersecurity. 

Our work does not stop here at Imperial. We work with NHS Trusts, Academic Health Science Centres, government agencies, healthcare charities, businesses and international partners to support the wider dissemination and implementation of patient safety improvements and interventions.