Athena SWAN

The Department of Chemical Engineering was awarded an Athena SWAN Silver Award in 2009 in recognition of good practice towards the advancement of gender equality in our department. Our award was renewed in 2014 and recently in 2018 under the new post-2015 criteria.

Find out more about our Athena SWAN award and initiatives.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to providing a supportive, equal and inclusive environment for both staff and students. Current staff members can find detailed information about the available support in the department on our Departmental intranet.

Equality, diversity and inclusivity

We are proud to be a diverse community and we value the contributions of all our members. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Committee is a dedicated team whose role is to actively maintaining and developing a positive culture and identifying and acting opportunities to raise awareness of EDI issues in the Department.

We are committed to ensuring that people of all backgrounds and ethnicities are encouraged to apply to work and study with us and, once they have arrived, are support in their roles and their long-term career ambitions. We have produced a statement on racism that outlines our intolerance for any kind of racism in the department and signposts anyone experiencing racism to pathways for support.

Our former Head of Department Professor Nilay Shah chairs the Imperial College London History Group which will examine the history of the College through its links to the British Empire and report on the present understanding and reception of the College’s legacy and heritage in the context of its present-day mission.

Information on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion