Postdocs The Chemistry Department has a Postdoc Development Team which co-ordinates postdoc development and activity within the Department. The current team is:

Julianna Panidi

Davia Prischich

Saul Cooper

Ludovica Monti


The Department currently has two Academic Postdoc & Fellows Champions Dr Nick Brooks & Prof. Marina Kuimova.

All postdocs in the Department have a Personal Review and Development Plan meeting with their Academic Supervisors on a yearly basis and should complete the appropriate PRDP form in advance of their meeting.

Postdoc Training Suite

The Postdoc Development Team recommend the courses detailed below as a suitable training suite for all postdocs in the Department to undertake. Details of all these courses and more can be found on the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre website.

  1. Launching your career: Residential course for new postdocs
  2. Building on the past 4 years - What next? Residential course for experienced postdocs
  3. A creativity toolkit for early career researchers working at the multi-disciplinary interface (run by the Department of Chemistry)
  4. Time management and personal organisation for postdocs
  5. Stand and deliver: Giving better presentations for conferences
  6. Presenting research effectively
  7. Writing up your research for publication
  8. How to peer review research papers
  9. Planning your career - What Next?
  10. Effective networking and personal impact
  11. Preparing successful research funding applications

Information on Fellowships can be found on the Department's Fellowship webpage.