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Nurturing, inspiring and enabling for the future.

Imperial College Early Years provides a service for the staff and students of the college. We provide the support needed for parents to work and study, confident that their child is being given the best care and education.

The Imperial College Early Years is committed to providing a high standard of care and education for every child by taking into consideration their Uniqueness and their needs.

The Early Years team work together, having strong team ethics in order to provide a safe and educationally stimulating environment.  The team strive to provide every child with opportunities to explore their environment by encouraging the children’s natural sense of curiosity and developing their own personal interests.

We believe that it is essential that children have a positive self-image and to feel valued and accepted, we build children’s confidence by being positive role models, taking every opportunity to praise and encourage their achievements and efforts, helping them gain self-esteem and to feel proud of themselves.

We will teach children to respect, appreciate and learn from each other’s differences in order to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the world.

We believe that children need to be healthy in order to grow and develop well, at the Early Years we provide them with healthy eating choices and provide outdoor experiences that encourage fun outdoor exercise and fresh air as well as indoor exercise to help them be healthy.

We work together to keep the children safe, we teach the children how to keep themselves safe and foster an understanding and awareness of safety.

We work in partnership with parents and recognise that they are their child’s first educators, we work to support the family and work together in order to support each individual child’s needs.