During the months of December 2022 and January 2023 EYEC held an art exhibition showcasing the amazing and creative work of our young artists. The purpose of the art exhibition is bringing to life the children’s self -expression through imagination, creativity, and their ability to use media and materials. The parents were also invited to attend EYEC’s art exhibition too. 

Every child is an artist, below are some photos from the art exhibit through the different age groups.

Baby age group

To celebrate Diwali Sunshine room created beautiful rangoli’s out of coloured rice and paint. They also made Scarecrow masks during Harvest and as a group painted a union Jack to commemorate the Queens’ platinum jubilee.

Starlight room painted a colourful firework display and Butterfly room collaborated with Marine room (pre-schoolers) to create a beautiful canvas. The babies were also exploring different textures and material and so created art using oats. 

Toddler age group 

Blossom room explored textiles wilth the children using different materials such as feathers and autum leaves as well as creating beautiful christmas decorations. 

Poppy room diplayed a range of art work for example marble painting, they also created traffic lights to honor Garret Morgan (the inventor of the traffic lights) duirng Black history month as well as making coloured stain glass leaves to represent autumn. 

Pre-school age group

This age group draw inspiration from many past artists for example recreating famous art works by Vah Gogh, Pret Matisse, Piet Modrian and Jackson Pollock.

Sunflower also built and constructed art, by making a Christmas Tree out of old recycled cardboard boxes as well as using wooden play blocks.

Art and design activites

The children also had a great opportunity to participate in art and design sessions led by our in-house domestic team. The children had a water colour painting activity guided by our talent artist Chris where they used water colours to paint a Christmas tree. The children also participated in a group textile activity with Moji where they used different materials to make bags.

Theses activities not only provided an enjoyable experience for the children but it also allowed them to learn and repsect people and learn that everyone has different strengths, characterstics and uniqueness.