In May we celebrated a historical event which marked the coronation of King Charles. The Coronation was celebrated by millions all over the world.

The front entrance was decorated with union jack buntings, a red carpet as well as a personal royal guard to welcome all of EYEC’s royals. The children came dressed to impress in their lovely royal costumes and paraded their outfits in the nursery Garden.

The children were then invited to attend a high tea later in the afternoon which included yummy cucumber sandwiches, fresh lemonade and of course a Victoria sponge cake! The Kitchen team worked so hard to prepare treats that were suitable for everyone!

Leading up to the coronation all the rooms participated in a royal crown making competition, 3 crowns were given first, second and third place awards. The points were based on eco-friendliness, creativeness and how much the children were involved in making the crowns. Our baby room, Starlight, won first place! A big welcome done to our babies!

From left to right are our first, second and third place winners!