Jerusa Brignardello-Guerra a parent of EYEC, is a research postgraduate in the department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction and a research assistant in the Department of Surgery and Cancer.  She created a fun and messy experiment for the children to learn about the digestive system, its processes, stool formation, microbiome and the Bristol stool chart. 

The children used test tubes, banana, water, biscuits crumbs, chocolate powder and sprinkles. The experiment involved mixing each ingredient accordingly to each physiological process of the digestive system. The children first began by mashing the bananas with their hands to mimic how it would look like if it was in their mouths! Jersua then explained as the banana travels through the stomach, intestines and digestive system microbiomes in the body break down the food and it starts forming it into stool.  

At the end of the experiment the children received accomplishment stickers, bracelets and one version of the Bristol stool chart to take home . Overall, it was a great session and the children has much fun getting their hands dirty! A big thank you to Jerusa for taking part in Science month with us!