For this year's annual event EYEC celebrated Sports day in the Secret Garden.

All the children from our babies to preschoolers took part in different activies and sports, such as relay, tug of war, obstacle race and horse race to name a few. Our mini athletes were so enthusiastic and did brillantly. Medals and certificates were given to all the children as they were all winners! The staff and parents also took part in races too!

The day ended with a grand performance of Baby Shark by all the staff!

Please see below slide show to see how much fun EYEC sports day was.

The children began with a Parade. Here is Sunflower Room

Item 10

Tug of War

Item 11

Jumping Hoops

Item 12

The Mummy's race

Item 13

The Daddy's race

Item 14

The Staff's race

Item 15

The Baby Shark

Item 2

The Yellow team - Blossom Room

Item 3

The Red team - Poppy Room

item 4

The Race's begin with Relay with the 3-5's

Item 5

Horse Race with the Toddlers

Item 6

The teddy in the buggy race

Item 7

The wheel barrow race

Item 8

Egg and spoon race with the babies

Item 10

obstacle Race