Each year the nursery organise an event for the children to participate in. The whole nursery from all ages work together to create an exciting and enjoyable experience for the children. We believe it is important for them to attend these annual events as it brings about a sense of belonging. This also gives them the opportunity to meet and interact with the other children and staff as well as help build a positive environment for the children to grow and develop in.

This year all the children were invited to a picnic with their teddy bears in the secret garden, each of the room’s entered the picnic area to the traditional ‘Teddy bear’s picnic’ song. Each of the room’s had their own picnic area and they had each made their own banners to represent their rooms.

On their blankets we set out various teddy themed games and songs for the children to participate in, such as colouring in teddy bear pictures, throwing balls into the honey pot and singing the song ‘teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around’ to name a few.

Before tea, Liz-Anne read ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ with the help of the children, who participated in each of the various stages of the story, such as pretending to walk through thick oozy mud, “squelch, squelch, Squelch”. Then after both the children and their teddy bears had eaten their tea, the children were invited to watch some of the senior members of staff act out the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’.

The day was a great turnout for the staff, children and their teddy bears. 

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