The nursery celebrated Thanksgiving and Hanukkah at the end of November. The children took part in creating decorations for all things Thanksgiving and Hanukkah that was displayed at the nursery entrance and their rooms.  Please see below for photos.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in America and Canada which celebrates the remembrance of the time native Americans helped and taught pilgrims to grow crops. The pilgrims thanked the natives by sharing their harvest and a meal with them. Families now carry on this tradition and get together each year to share a meal and think about what they are grateful for. 

Hannukah is the Jewish Festival of Lights that celebrates the success of the Jewish people in Judea against the Greek empire over 2000 years ago. Tradition is to light a lamp called Hanukkiah which has 9 candle places. The festival lasts for 8 days and one candle is lit each of day. Families come together share meals, play games and exchange gifts.