Enterprise at Imperial: A long legacy and fit for the future

At Imperial College London, we have enterprise in our DNA. Since we were founded in 1907, we have had a mission to offer the most advanced education and research, collaborate with other organisations, and apply our work to industry. Today, we have a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem: a home for businesses, researchers and the next generation of innovators. 

The Enterprise team:

  • Helps businesses access the College's resources, talent and expertise to address business and societal challenges
  • Supports and encourages student entrepreneurship
  • Helps academics find new ways to turn their expertise and research into benefits for society

Careers and jobs at Imperial

How can I apply for jobs in the Enterprise Division?

If you would like to be considered for any roles in Enterprise, please do apply online with the application form, which also includes appropriate clauses to make sure we can process your personal data under the GDPR.

After the closing date, your application will be assessed by a shortlisting panel against the person specification in terms of how well you demonstrated your skills, education and experience match the selection criteria.

Once you apply online, you will also be able to see the status of your application and receive updates on the recruitment process.

We do not accept CV or applications via email.

Can I ask for help in applying?

For reasons of fairness and impartiality of the recruitment process, we do not advise potential candidates on their suitability for the roles.

It is always the applicant’s decision whether they want to apply for a given vacancy or not. If you feel that you can demonstrate that your skills and experience match the selection criteria outlined in the Person Specification, then it would make sense for you to apply. During the shortlisting process, your application will be scored against the above-mentioned selection criteria.

Every vacancy is accompanied with a detailed job description (JD) and person specification (PS) which should answer most of the questions re. requirements of the post.

The JD clearly indicates the tasks and duties of the role and the PS outlines the criteria of education, skills, experience and knowledge applicants, who are interested in the position, would need to demonstrate they meet.

Please do have a close look at the JD and PS, and also at the advert of the post. If they don't give you enough context, then please do contact us with specific questions which will be passed on for an answer to one of the relevant team member.

What are Imperials' values and behaviors?

Imperial’s Enterprise Division is committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse work environment in which we treat each other fairly and appropriately, with kindness and respect. This commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) also builds on the principles set out in the College’s Values and Behaviours.

Enterprise continuously strives to improve the equality and diversity of our Division and to embed EDI principles across our enterprising ecosystem of staff, students and collaborators, so that everyone feels included, respected and treated with dignity.

There may still be times when we experience or witness undesirable behaviours, which will not be tolerated. We aim to support a culture in which we feel comfortable to identify and discuss undesirable practice, and confident to support colleagues in checking, challenging and changing their inappropriate behaviour using the College’s tools and channels.

We recognise that our aspirations to be world-leading can only be achieved by recruiting, supporting and working with people from diverse backgrounds with diverse ways of thinking. We want all our colleagues to feel heard and have their achievements recognised and rewarded. We continuously seek to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of our activities and decision-making, including recruitment, communications and marketing, partnerships and broader community engagement.