How we represent our community reflects our values. The present focus on who is represented in images of various kinds around the College provides us with an opportunity to consider how we want to portray our community, and to reflect its diversity and impact in the world.

The College has commissioned a group under the aegis of President’s Board to propose ways in which its diverse community can be celebrated by means of images and depictions of alumni, staff and students. The intent is to recognise the breadth of our community in its many aspects, as part of the College’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Artworks Group


Working Group of academic and professional staff and students, with external experts and advisors

Academic Chair - Professor Sian Harding

Full membership to be confirmed

Terms of Reference

1. To scope the options for Imperial College to increase the visual representations of its communities in public space across its campuses, with a view to finding locations for the long-term display of artworks relating to the diversity of the community.

2. To consult with members of the College and its wider communities, including alumni and partners to identify individuals and groups whose images might be portrayed.

3.  To advise the President and Provost on locations for new works of artand portraits that can be commissioned.

Key Dates

Report Jan 2021

President’s Board recommended actions March 2021