Developing a new Strategy

Work is underway this year to develop the College’s new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy, under the leadership of Professor Lesley Cohen and Dr Wayne Mitchell, Associate Provost (EDI). This Strategy will link other strategies and action plans at Imperial, including the new College Strategy, which will be launched in spring.

Our previous EDI Strategy, published in September 2018, is still available to read online.

"Since 1st September we have undertaken an ‘Active Listening’ exercise to experience and observe firsthand the many EDI-related activities and initiatives that are ongoing at the College. We have had the opportunity to meet with Heads of Department, staff networks, student representatives and many of the faculty and departmental EDI committees within the College and discuss the issues that are important to their settings. It has been a pleasure to see the many examples of good practice embedded across College." - Lesley Cohen and Wayne Mitchell, Associate Provost (EDI)

Outline for the new Strategy

We will develop a new strategy over the spring and summer 2024. It is likely that we retain and build upon some aspects of the 2018 Strategy. We are currently thinking how best to:

  • Strengthen the newly launched people-facing College strategies.
  • Identify gaps in current practices that limit diversity and inclusion.
  • Reinforce frameworks for behaviour that support the Imperial Values.

As a result of discussions so far, examples of challenges and areas that we may seek to address through the new Strategy include:

  • Increasing student and staff engagement with training
  • Promoting inclusive staff recruitment best practices
  • Understanding the factors influencing student admissions and attainment
  • Embedding an EDI focus in our research culture
  • Awareness, appreciation, and integration of EDI work within the core College mission 
  • Recognising, empowering, and celebrating EDI contributions from staff and students

Get in touch

EDI is a shared responsibility of everyone in College. We want to ensure this new Strategy is reflective of our community, its needs, and its thoughts. If you have questions or suggestions for the new Strategy, please email Lesley and Wayne.