We have pledged to tackle racial inequality and injustice wherever we can and to take active steps to foster an antiracist culture in our own community. Central to this is identifying the barriers that stand in the way of minority ethnic staff and students and to help improve their representation, progression, and success.

Imperial has a number of initiatives to support our minority ethnic communities and to drive racial equality, which you can explore below. This work forms part of our wider Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Read about what the College has committed to and our progress in REC 2023 update one-pager (pdf).

This video is all about how we talk about Race and Ethnicity taking a look at terminology and further resources available to help create a welcoming and inclusive culture for all.

Race equality and you

The purpose of the video is so that you can:

  • Be reminded about why we need to talk about race
  • Able to recap terminology about race equality
  • Understand how race links in with imperial values
  • Be reminded of Microaggressions
  • And understand where you can seek support

Race equality initiatives at Imperial