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Enhancing the sense of community and cohesion at Imperial through correct name pronunciation

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About the Say My Name project

Names hold significant cultural, personal, and historical meanings, and mispronouncing them can inadvertently cause discomfort or offence (Kohli & Solórzano, 2012). The “Say My Name” project aims to address this issue by introducing a system where staff and students at Imperial can add an audio clip or phonetic label of their name to their email signature. The results will help to enhance the sense of cohesion and community at Imperial.

Get it right

No one is perfect when it comes to pronouncing names. Getting it right can be difficult. This project will help mispronouncers and individuals whose names are often mispronounced. The benefit is mutual respect and understanding that builds between individuals.

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Imperial is a place where we want everyone staff and students to feel included. This project is an opportunity to help others learn how to say our names the way we want to hear them.

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How to add your voice and a pronunciation guide to your email signature

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