No booking required

Please allow up to two hours to complete this online course.

Please sign into BlackBoard and search for 'Introduction to race' to enrol on this course

Training overview

This course has been provided by Advanced HE and is suitable for all staff. No previous knowledge of race equality is required.

The course is divided into two units which cover the following:

Unit 1 (25-45 minutes)

  • Race, Racism and Inequality in HE
  • Overt and Covert Racism
  • Whiteness, Privilege and Belonging

Unit 2 (25-45 minutes)

  • Inclusion and Belonging
  • Building Belonging
  • Next Steps

Please ensure you complete both units. The overall time for completion of both units is around 1-2 hours.

Accessing the course

  1. Go to Blackboard Learn, enter your College username and password and click Login.
  2. Select the Courses tab in the top right corner of your screen, next to My Blackboard.
  3. Search for ‘Introduction to race’ in the Course Search field to find the course information in the Course Catalogue.
  4. Click on the Introduction to race - Course Name, select Enrol and then Submit to self-enrol on the course.
  5. Click OK to confirm enrolment.