approved suppliers

Externally appointed construction industry professionals employed to deliver projects at Imperial College London

Imperial College London undertakes a wide range of refurbishment, redevelopment, and new build projects to maintain its status as one of the top Higher Education institutions in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Imperial has approved an approved suppliers list to undertake capital project works ranging in value from £150,000 to £10 million. For construction works over £10 million, Imperial will tender those on an individual basis.

Approved Suppliers Management

Appointment and Tender

Imperial College London shall use the Approved Suppliers List to deliver capital project works between the value range of £150,000 and £10 million. To ensure separation of functions and to provide a fair and transparent process, College Purchasing manage the appointment process for external organisations to the approved suppliers. On appointment the management of those organisations whilst they remain on the Approved Suppliers will revert to Estates Operations - Projects.

How to become a College Approved Supplier

The College Purchasing Department manages the process for an organisation to be appointed to the Construction Approved Suppliers.

Organisations interested in joining the approved suppliers should contact the Category Manager (Construction), College Purchasing Department for details on the application and selection process. Initial suitability is based on responses provided to a prequalification questionnaire.

Selection to tender for projects

Once appointed to the approved suppliers, an organisation will be selected to delivery services on a construction by the College Purchasing Department. The Category Manager (Construction) will provide a proposed tender list for each discipline based on their capacity to undertake the work, relevant experience and suitability to deliver that specific construction project. Only organisations from the Approved Suppliers List will be considered for the project.

On each project Imperial shall select the number of organisations invited to tender based on the value of the project.

College Purchasing will record those organisations invited to tender on each project to ensure that all organisations on the approved suppliers list are provided with an opportunity to tender for project works.

Where organisations consistently under perform they will be removed from the approved suppliers.

Supplier's performance is detailed within performance.

Approved supplier Management Group meeting dates

Only the chair of a sub group shall attend the Management Group meeting.

TBA 14.00, Meeting Room 1, Level 5 Sherfield Building

Performance and Feedback

Performance of Approved Suppliers is constantly being reviewed from tender submissions through to appointment, delivery, completion, handover and post completion of a project. For those organisations that encounter issues with any of these areas, there will be a consultation period and (depending on the outcome) consideration for future projects will be reviewed. For those under performing, they may be removed from the approved suppliers and no longer consider for work at Imperial College London.

Reviews are undertaken jointly by both Estates Operations - Projects and the College Purchasing Department.

The approved suppliers are managed by Estates Operations Projects and College Purchasing.

For information on procurement of Approved Suppliers or the tendering process for project appointments, please contact the Deputy Head of Purchasing.