Current projects

Fact sheets for current projects

ACEX1301 Supersonic Tunnel [PDF]
ACEX, South Kensington

BHSE1501 - CHP replacement [PDF]
Energy Centre, EENG Building, South Kensington

DBDE1501 Dyson School of Design Engineering [PDF]
Dyson Building, South Kensington Campus

ICSM1404 Central Library Ph2 Refurbishment: Cooling and Ventilation [PDF]
Central Library, South Kensington Campus

IWBC1301 White City Building C Fit-out [PDF]
Building C, White City Campus

IWBE1400 - Michael Uren Biomedical Engineering Research Hub [PDF]
Building E, White City Campus

MENG1101 – Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering Project (AMP)
City & Guilds and Skempton Buildings, South Kensington

PGWK1701 Weeks Hall Refurbishment [PDF]
Weeks Hall, South Kensington Campus

RODH1501 - Honda Wind Tunnel Extension [PDF]
Roderic Hill Building, South Kensington

SPCR1601 New Controlled Environment Rooms Building [PDF]
CE Rooms, Silwood Park

WCSH1502 - Stadium House phase 1 refurbishment [PDF]
Stadium House, White City Campus