• Review project and delivery to date.
  • Identification of areas where delivery worked well and where it did not. 
  • Review of functional and technical performance of the facility; has the desired brief been met?
  • Investigate causes of these outcomes and set up actions to ensure mitigation of negative situations in future projects and repeat successes (continuous improvement).
  • Review of strategic performance of the facility (key stakeholder interviews).

Pre-review preparation

  • Completion of POE questionnaire (Word) by the Client Team and end users.
  • Collation and graphical representation of questionnaire responses. 
  • Set up review meeting/workshop, invite participants and issue agenda.
  • Facilitator identifies relevant issues and lessons learnt for discussion at review meeting/workshop.

Review activity

  • Presentation of questionnaire findings.
  • Assessment of questionnaire findings.
  • Review and identification of lessons to be applied to future projects.
  • Review and identification of problems and identification of solutions.


  • Output document detailing lessons learnt and project successes, actions needed to ensure lessons are incorporated into or replicated in future projects, action plan for resolution of problems and responsibility.
  • Case study.
  • Results of questionnaires.
  • Feedback on Project Quality Review process.
  • Copies of all presentations given.