Prior to works commencing on site, the contractor is required to be supplied with copies of decontamination certificates for equipment and rooms involved in the works. This requirement applies to rooms where work with chemicals and/or engagement in processes that have the potential to be harmful to humans has taken place e.g. laboratories and chemical stores.

The Project Manager shall liaise with the Safety Advisor to ensure hazardous equipment and rooms are identified and that the department responsible undertakes an effective decontamination process and provides the Building Manager with the relevant decontamination and clearance certificates.

All items of equipment requiring decontamination must be identified individually and referred to on each certificate.

Copies of the certificates shall be attached to the equipment and the area decontamination certificate shall be posted on the door of each room.

Copies of all decontamination certificates must be provided to the contractor, prior to works commencing on site.

Decontamination certificate (Stage 4)


Project Manager


Decontamination and area clearance certificates