Once the project is completed and handed over to the College, the Project Manager is to inform the Record and Archives Officer (Estates). The Project Manager will then liaise with the Records and Archives Officer (Estates) to ensure that all documents required from the highlighted sections of the Box Project Filing Schedule [PDF] are delivered or made available for transfer to Imperial College London.

The project file will remain open until the end of the defects period has been completed.

Project/defects closeout [Excel] report is completed and circulated by the Project Manager to formally close a project after the defects period has ended.

When this point has been reached the Records and Archives Officer (Estates) will liaise with the Project Manager to ensure any further information is transferred to the College. Once all outstanding information has been received the Records and Archives Officer (Estates) will archive the project filing for retention with the College Archives and Corporate Records Unit.

Project filing will be retained and then reviewed in line with the College Retention Schedule.

Initial estimate of costs (Stage 0)


Project Manager. Archives Officer (Projects), Project Information Manager


Project/defects closeout (Excel)