Produce project factsheet (Stage 4)

Project factsheets

The project factsheets are an important part of communication from our team to staff, students and visitors to Imperial. They provide information on the work we do and the benefits brought to the University. Factsheets should be published on the website for all projects that are not of a sensitive nature.

To allow time for the production and approval of the factsheet, production will be triggered by notification to the Information Manager of the completed contractor tender report.

A Required Information Sheet is sent to the Project Manager for completion, to provide the following information:

  • Project number, name, location
  • Project Champion, Project Director, User Co-ordinator 
  • A brief description of project and its benefits to the Imperial 
  • Project Team 
  • Construction value
  • Funding Source
  • Start, end and occupation date
  • A photo or visualisation

The Information Team will format the document using the information provided on the form and return a draft to the Project Manager and a nominated Departmental Contact for approval.

The factsheet will not be published without approval from the departmental contact, nor until the project starts on site, to avoid any inaccurate or business sensitive information being published.

Upon notification that the Advice of Impending Contract Works (AICW) is to be issued, the final approved factsheet can be uploaded to the Estates Development and Projects website. The AICW can include a link to the factsheet to provide further information on the project to the distribution list.

The signboard can also be produced upon request, providing a reduced text version of the information collated for the factsheet.

Case studies

Upon completion of the project, the Information Team will convert the factsheet to a project case study. This will be illustrated with photographs of the completed area and include a quote/review from the end user.

The draft case study is forwarded to the Project Manager for approval, who then requests a short statement from the end user. This should consist of a couple of sentences, summarising the benefits that this completed project has brought to their department. The writer should be made aware that they will be quoted under their name on the published case study.

Following approval from the end user, the completed case study will be published on the website in place of the factsheet.