Frequently asked questions online orders

Why are only some catering menu options available?

The most popular menu options are available for bookings.  If you require any other menu items, please contact the Internal Events Office on or telephone 49220. The list is continually reviewed and additional items may be added.

What is the cut-off for ordering catering?

Catering can be booked (or cancelled without incurring charges) up to 5 clear working days prior to your booking date, via 

For example, if you'd like to have catering delivered at 14.00 on a Tuesday, you will need to have made this booking before 14.00 three clear working days prior. 

Please note that the only catering items not subject to a 5-day lead time will be seated lunches and dinners and hot fork buffets, to which a 7-day lead time will be applied. 

Can I change the catering that I have already booked?

For new bookings made on Catering to Order:

Yes, provided that you have not exceeded the lead time of 5 working days*. Use the Edit button on the My Bookings list, then select the catering items that you wish to change. (*CHANGE WHEN TESTING*)

For old bookings made on Rooms and Catering: 

All your existing bookings made on the Rooms and Catering site will remain there but you can only edit these via the Internal Events Office, who can be contacted on 49220 or by email.

* Please note that the lead time for seated lunches and dinners and hot fork buffets is 7 working days. 

Can I only book catering at South Kensington?

Currently, the system only offers online bookings for catering at South Kensington. For any room or catering requirements at Hammersmith or Charing Cross, please email

Will I receive an email confirmation of my booking, amendment or cancellation?

Yes, you will receive an email in your College mailbox. This may take a few minutes after your booking request.

How far into the future can I order catering?

Catering can be booked for this calendar year and the next year.

Is there a minimum catering charge?

Yes, £35.00 on refreshment orders however some food menus have a minimum number applied. Please note that the minimum order value for refreshments will be calculated after consumption of beverages have been reconciled. 

Why can’t I order catering for a meeting in a lecture theatre?

The College rules do not allow food and beverages to be consumed in lecture theatres. However, there will be occasions where catering can be set up in an alternative location such as outside the Lecture Theatre or an adjacent room, please contact the Rooms and Catering Administrator on or telephone 49220 to arrange this.

Will I be charged for any catering items that are not consumed?

Yes, with the exception of unopened beverages provided you have met the minimum £35 refreshment order value. 

What are the catering delivery times?

Catering can be delivered only between 08.00 and 20.00 within the South Kensington campus.  For other campuses, please contact your local catering provider

If I cancel the catering, will I still be charged for the booking?

No, provided that you have cancelled prior to the cut-off period. See terms and conditions for details of the cancellation charges. 

How do I book meeting rooms online?

You will need to continue to use to book some meeting rooms, as the new system is for catering orders only. 

How do you set your catering prices?

The catering services we provide is recharged at cost to our clients. The service is not for profit.