AV equipment

Our dedicated audio-visual team can provide professional support to ensure the success of your events. 

We understand the priorities event managers have. We are here to support you, guide you where needed and deliver to the highest standards. Sometimes, our role is advisory, especially when helping navigate what can seem a complicated event plan.

Case Studies

Presidents Address 2024

Event: Presidents Address 2024 - Strategy Launch (March 2024)

A very important event for college, we started planning with the Institutional Events team in October 2023. Originally meant to be held in the Queen's Tower Room, the scope of this event developed and so did our Technical Plans. The main part of the event took place in the Great Hall, with a livestream to teams, YouTube & to other campuses (including White City, Hammersmith, Charing Cross & West Brompton).  

As a team, we were very keen to push ourselves to deliver a impressive event with modern technology to support the content delivery. In an brief list, here's the breakdown of what we used for this event: 

  • 1 x LED 'Ticker' wall
  • 2 x 65" TV (relay)
  • 1 x Comfort Monitor
  • 1 x Great Hall Lighting Package:
    • 4 x LED Battons
    • 4 x LED Moving Wash
    • 2 x LED Moving Head
  • 2 x Microphones (Lectern)
  • 1 x Lectern
  • 1 x PA System


170 Queen's Gate

One of our key event spaces at South Kensington, the council room can be adapted to function with high-spec AV equipment. 

Event: Project Meeting (April 2024)

This was a two-day conference which had upto four speakers in a panel at once as well as keynote presentations across both days. The presentations were scientific, and following a meeting with the client, we discovered they were expecting the presentations to contain detailed graphs. We ended up hiring in a 98" TV screen to ensure the content was visible to all the audience, supporting the speakers with delivering their content. We supplied: 

  • 4 x Microphones (Lapel)
  • 2 x Microphones (Handheld)
  • 1 x Microphones (Lectern)
  • 1 x PA System
  • 1 x Lectern
  • 1 x Laptop
  • 1 x Wireless Presentation Remote
  • 1 x External Hire Screen
  • 1 x Technician


2024 update - 170 Queen's Gate is currently undergoing a refurbishment which will include a transformation of the Council Room to meet modern accessibility standards in Audio-Visual requirements. This will include a large LED wall, fixed speakers and a Imperial lectern with custom controls for teams and microphones. 

'In Conversation' virtual event series

WE Innovate 2023 Grand Final

58 Princes Gate