Temporary Workforce Services Team / Casual Worker Team

The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) below relate to the Temporary Workforce Services Team, which supports the appointment of casual workers, honorary associates and visiting researchers.

Stage of ProcessSLA and Description
General Queries – Casual Workers We will respond to general queries related to Casual Workers within 2 working days.
Setting up new casual workers

New casual workers will be contacted with all required onboarding information within 1 working day of the request.

New casual workers will be added to ICIS within 1 working day of their Right to Work (RTW) appointment. *1

Issuing contracts for existing casual workers We will issue Casual Hours Agreements/Assignment confirmations within 3 working days of the request.
References, P45/P60 requests We will respond to requests for references, P45s and P60s within 3 working days.
Payroll queries We will respond to Payroll queries within 2 working days. *2
Honorary & Visiting Researcher associations We will respond to all requests related to Honorary Associations and Visiting Researchers within 5 working days.

*1 The processing of new casual workers is conditional on the individual scheduling and completing their Right to Work (RTW) check.

*2 If the query needs to be referred to the payroll team resolution may be delayed.

For further information about our processes and policies, please refer to our webpage here.