Louise Lindsay (Chair) Director of Safeguarding, Secretary to Operations Committee
Adam Srodzinsky  Head of Projects (Estates Division)
Andrew Tebbutt Director of Outreach
Angela Kehoe Strategic HR Partner, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Ann Kelly Deputy HR Director (Employee Relations and Policy)
Anna M Lusby Internal Events and Development Manager (Catering Services)
Caroline Cooling (Notes) Staff Compliance Assistant
Cat Turhan Director of Membership Services
Chris Harris Engineering
Chris Watkins Faculty Operating Officer, Faculty of Medicine
Claire Arup Global Summer School Manager
Claire Fox Head of Student Counselling & Mental Health Advice
Claire O' Brien Director of Occupational Health
Clare Whelan Global Summer School Development Manager 
David Ashton Academic Registrar
Deborah Wiley Staff Compliance Assistant
Farial Missi Community Engagement Manager
George Wrigley Head of Community Safety and Support
Hannah Bannister Director of Student Services
Ingo Mueller-Wodarg Faculty Senior Tutor - Faculty of Natural Sciences
James Balloch Director of the Student Hub
Jane Neary Deputy Chief to Property Officer, Director Campus Services
Jeffrey Vernon Principle Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Medicine Centre
Jennifer Cooke Mentoring and Tutoring Programme Manager
Jesse Alter Head of Social Media and Video
Jo Dyson Head of Graduation Events 
Kani Kamara Head of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre (EDIC) 
Kenon Man Deputy Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions
Lara Mistry Deputy Head of Public Engagement (Public Programmes)
Liz- Anne Des Vignes Early Years Deputy Manager/Section Manager
Lorraine Craig Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Engineering
Lynne Cox Director of Research Office
Maria Svensson-Grigsby Head of Health and Safety (Campus Services)
Marina Jagg Marketing Manager
Mary Caspillo-Brewer Due Diligence Manager
Marzena Esposito Senior Events Executive
Maureen O' Brien Head of Disability Advisory Service
Melanie Bottrill Head of Outreach Programmes
Nicola J Enston Deputy Legal Director (In-house legal representative)
Nicola Morgan Deputy Director of Student Services
Paul Noke Director of Residential and Community Services
Pippa Chalmers Head of Compliance
Ravin Rattu Commercial Summer Lettings Development Manager
Rebecca Stevenson Staff DBS Adviser
Richard Johnson Business School
Sue Mannion Student Accommodation Office Manager 
Surrinder Johal Director of Health, Safety and Environment (Assurance)
Susie Goss Head of Graduation Events 
Terri Arnold Head of Institutional Events
Tom Grieves Head of Research Support & Assurance
Tom Newman Managing Director of Student Union
Tracy Halsey Head of Early Years Education Centre
Vahid Shahrezaei Reader in Biomathematics (Mathematics) Natural Sciences 
Vicky Brightman Director of Public Engagement
William AS Cox Principle Teaching Fellow, Business School
William Hollyer Director of Sport and Central Services
Zara Davidian Commercial Operations Business Manager