The law on workplace pensions requires that, if you are an eligible member of staff or casual worker, the College must enrol you into a  pension scheme supported by the College – this is called automatic enrolment because it is automatic for staff – you do not have to take any action to be enrolled into a pension scheme. Auto-enrolment is intended to encourage you to save into a pension scheme to provide for your retirement.

  • If you are already in one of the College's pensions schemes (USS, SAUL or NHSPS) your pension scheme membership will not be affected by these changes.
  • If you have opted out of the pension scheme already, you may be auto-enrolled at the College three year anniversary as required by UK law.
  • If you have opted-out because you have a Protected Lifetime Allowance please ensure you have told (including your protection number), so that we can ensure you are not included in future auto-enrolment exercises.

‌‌‌Opting out of the Pension scheme

If you are a College employee who is currently contributing to a College pension scheme and wish to opt out/withdraw from the scheme, please complete the relevant form from the selection set out below and return it to

If you are a new employee you should return your opt out form to your Departmental Administrator along with all other new starter paperwork.  Please note that it is a legal requirement for College to auto-enrol you onto the relevant scheme before actioning your opt-out request.

If you would like further information about auto-enrolment please refer to the FAQS or visit the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) website.