From 1 August 2017, all Imperial campuses (including our hospital campuses) and properties became smoke-free. This policy came into place to support the College's commitment to creating a healthy environment for staff, students, visitors and the community. 

The College has a responsibility to limit our community’s exposure to passive smoking under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Health Act 2006. Evidence proves that the provision of smoke-free policies reduces smoking an addition to exposure to second-hand smoking which is particularly important for the health and wellbeing of others in addition to those with pre-existing respiratory conditions.

Guidance for staff and managers

Where is smoking not permitted?

Smoking is not permitted in University buildings or outside on University campuses or in University vehicles. All staff, students and visitors are not permitted to smoke within 20 metres of College land and property.

Imperial College campuses and properties include:

  • South Kensington
  • Medical Campuses: Charing Cross, Hammersmith, St Mary's Chelsea & Westminster and Royal Brompton.
  • Silwood Park
  • White City
  • Heston, Harlington and other sports facilities

There is the limited exception of Beit Quad (South Kensington) on Wednesday & Friday evenings during term time when major ticketed events are being held.

As our campuses are in close proximity of residential homes, businesses and schools we ask staff, students and visitors to be mindful of the health and well-being of our neighbours and community.

Are the use of e-cigarettes permitted in College buildings and surroundings?

The use of e-cigarettes (in addition to all substances that a person can smoke by whatever method) is not permitted in College buildings. Although the effects of these products are less harmful than tobacco smoking, they still carry other negative effects and can still affect the health and wellbeing of other staff members.

How can the policy be enforced further

All staff (particularly those in a management positions) and students are encouraged to contribute to the enforcement of the policy by politely approaching someone they see smoking on campus. If you approach somebody who refuses to either cease smoking or move 20 metres (or more) away from College campus, please contact and they will look into this further.

The responsibility for adhering to this policy rests with all College members and it is your duty to ensure that your fellow colleagues, students and visitors are aware of the policy.

What support is in place if I wish to stop smoking?

The College will provide assistance and support to staff and students who are considering and/or would like to stop smoking. There is a range of support available through the College Health and Wellbeing page including self-rereferral to Occupational Health to receive six free weekly sessions delivered by a trained advisor. Staff and students are also advised to view the advice and support on the NHS "Ways to Quit" webpage.

If you are a student who is carrying out a placement with NHS Trusts, you can also enquire about their local Trust arrangements in place to support those who wish to quit smoking.