How long will the jobs site be unavailable?

  • The jobs site will be temporarily unavailable from 16:00 on Friday, 23 February, to 12:00 on Wednesday, 28 February, as we transition to the new platform.

Will job applications be affected during the transition?

  • Yes, during the transition period, the jobs site will not accept new applications. Any applications submitted before 16:00 on Friday, 23 February and 12:00 on Wednesday, 28 February will be processed as per Imperial’s recruitment and selection process.

What happens to applications that were in progress (started but not submitted) before the transition?

  • Unfortunately, any applications started but not submitted before the downtime will not be saved. We recommend starting the application process again when the site is back up.

I started an application but have not yet submitted. Can my progress be recovered?

  • Unfortunately, as per the notice on the website, we are unable to restore any applications that were saved but not submitted before 16:00 Friday 23 February 2024. We apologise for any inconvenience caused however you will need to restart and submit the application after 12:00 on Wednesday 28 February 2024.

Will I be able to access my candidate application portal?

  • No – with the new jobs site, candidates will no longer be able to access their previous candidate portal and therefore any previously submitted applications can no longer be accessed via this route.

How can I access /view my previously submitted applications?

  • You are unable to do this after 16:00 Friday the 23 February 2024 as the candidate portal will no longer be available. We can however after this date provide you with a copy of your previously submitted application if within 12 months of you submitting it. If you would like to request this, please email Support Jobs ( including the job reference number and job title, and your email.

Why is the jobs site undergoing a platform transition?

  • The platform transition is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the candidate experience and improve the efficiency of our recruitment process.

Will jobs be advertised during the transition period (from 16:00 on Friday, 23 February until 12:00 on Wednesday, 28 February)?

  • No, during the transition period, no new jobs will be advertised. Any jobs that were advertised on the ‘old’ jobs site, will be transferred to the ‘new’ jobs site.

Will the jobs site URL change?

Will I be able to set up job alerts during the transition of the two sites?

  • No, please sign up for job alerts again after 12:00 on 28 February 2024 on the new site to continue receiving notifications.

Will my current job alerts set up before the jobs site transition still work after the transition of the jobs sites?

  • No, job alerts will no longer work after the transition.

How will I be able to set up alerts on the new site?

  • To do this, the new site will be available on the current URL ( as of the 28 February, 12:00. Insert any relevant key words in to the search bar at the top and set any appropriate filters that are relevant to the job you are looking for and press the search button. From there, if you click the ‘Manage job alerts with you selected criteria’ button highlighted in yellow below to set the frequency and duration before creating the alerts.

During the transition period, can I still access information on vacancies posted before the transition?

  • Information on vacancies posted before the transition will not be accessible. We recommend checking the new site after 12:00 on 28 February 2024 for the latest updates and to see the full list of current vacancies at Imperial.

What improvements can we expect with the new platform?

  • The new platform is designed to enhance the overall candidate experience and streamline the recruitment process, providing a more user-friendly interface and faster access to job-related information. It will allow candidates to set up job alerts for specific departments as well as to pre-populate the fields of the application using information from the candidate’s CV or LinkedIn (if candidates select this option).

Can I still apply for jobs during the platform transition by other means?

  • Unfortunately, no. The application process will be temporarily suspended during the transition, and no alternative means for submitting applications will be available.

What happens if I previously submitted an application (on the 'old' site) and then submit another application (for the same role) on the new site? Will both of my applications be considered?

  • No, the application that will be considered will be your most recent submission.