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Consideration should be given to the most appropriate contractual arrangement when appointing staff. The factors to be taken into account when deciding on the type of contract to be used include:

  • the hours, working pattern and duration of employment.
  • the source of funding - external or internal.
  • the length of the funding and the likelihood of renewal.
  • the nature of the work - specific and time-limited project or an open-ended task which is part of the core function and therefore likely to continue.
  • the contracts of employment issued to other staff engaged in similar work or from the same funding source.

Please see below for an overview of the types of contractual arrangements that are available. Further details, and important information on your responsibilities for visas and right to work checks can be found in the box above. For further guidance on hiring casual workers, please see this page.

Temporary contract types

There are occasions when departments need to respond quickly to temporary changes to service demands and, to do so, they may engage casual workers. Casual workers are normally used to meet these demands where the work can be performed on an “as and when” basis, for a maximum period of up to 26 weeks. Their engagement with the College is distinct from employees as they are not required to be available for work, and are free to turn down work if offered.

Where a casual worker’s temporary engagement exceeds a continuous period of 26 weeks (whether this be their initial engagement, upon extension or following previous casual work carried out within another department/division) they should be engaged on the most appropriate contract of employment, based on hours, working pattern and duration of employment. 

Please see Hiring department guidance page for casual workers for more information.

Form to use to action the request
Template email to send to the STAFF HUB
  • In the subject line, please include the following: [Dept] [Name] [Short term contract request]
  • For a pre-populated email use the following template: Template email
Information to include in your request
  • Completed contract request form with finance/research services approval 
  • Passport/Right to work documents
  • A minimum of 2 references, normally to include the applicant's present/most recent employer and covering at least 3 years immediately preceding joining the College
  • Academic certificates (if applicable to role) 
  • CV/Application form
Must do
  • Please ensure line manager is indicated on form. 
  • Bank details to be collected by department and sent directly to Payroll. 
How you will know the work has been completed
  • Contract sent to individual, copy to line manager. 

A zero hours contract is appropriate in situations in which the pattern of work is irregular, there are no specified or guaranteed hours of work, and the engagement is in excess of 26 weeks. It is, however, important to consider and give individuals an indication of when they are likely to be required for work, e.g. during known busy periods. Employment on these contracts is similar to engaging casual workers, but zero hours contracts should be used where the length of engagement is in excess of 26 weeks. Individuals appointed to these contracts will receive a monthly payment upon the submission of IC Pay 8C forms to Payroll by the published deadlines on a regular monthly basis during the working periods.