Frequently Asked Questions

Is the programme exclusive to Home students, or can Overseas students apply?

The terminology ‘ordinarily resident in the UK’ means that the scheme is only for students who are eligible for home fees status.

Who can I get in touch with to receive help with my application?

Please email and we connect you with the right person to help you. 

Will this PhD cost me money?

No, tuition is fully covered, and you will get a monthly stipend that is enough to live on for the duration of the PhD. 

Would I receive the PhD stipend during the MRes?

Yes, if you undertake the MRes, you will also receive the stipend during this period

How do I find a supervisor?

The primary supervisor for your PhD project must be a member of the academic staff in the Dept Bioengineering – you can look at their profiles and research interests on our academic staff list page or our research area listings page

You may wish to approach potential supervisors directly and some applicants already have a clear idea about their preferred area of interest, although this is not essential to apply. The committee will also help match your research interests with potential supervisors.

I already found a supervisor and a project for my PhD in the Bioengineering Department. Can I still apply?

Yes, please follow our application process and mention your proposed supervisor and project in your personal statement.

What role do the ‘champions’ play?

The champions are a global network of scholars and top professionals that have been hand-picked because of their dedication to this scheme. As you begin your studies you can request bespoke sessions with them to help guide specific questions about your career development or to access helpful networks.

They have also pledged to develop long-term mentoring relationships through our mentor matching scheme that will be run by the committee. This is in addition to the regular coaching and career development sessions that are already factored into the programme.

Why should I come to Imperial Bioengineering for my PhD?

We are the top research institution in the country and our Bioengineering department is one of the best globally. Here you will be immersed in world class research and cutting-edge ideas.

Being a James West Scholar means that you will also receive personalised support and infrastructure to succeed.

What other scholarships exist if I am not selected or not eligible for the James West Scholarships?

We recommend using Imperial College's scholarships search tool

If you cannot find a scholarship there, you can also try to approach a potential supervisor in your preferred area of research as they may have access to other sources of funding. Remember that other Universities might also have open funded PhD positions in an area that you are interested in, so you are encouraged to look around.