The Life Sciences European Studies Fund

This funding is exclusively for European travel (not travel within the UK) and can cover travel and subsistence, conference registration fees.
Up to £1k of funding available

Ineligible costs:
• Research expenses (inc. equipment, bench fees)
• Departmental costs
• Medical insurance
• Excess baggage costs
• Contributions towards salaries
• Expenses due to cancellations
• Shipping costs
• Visa or work permit charges
• Immunisations

This is open to PhD students and PDRAs. Masters students will also be considered and funding may be able to cover student travel for fieldwork as long as it is in Europe.

DoLS Travel Awards

The Department of Life Sciences has allocated funds to support travel awards for our Postdoctoral Research Associates, Research Fellows and PhD Students for the purpose of presenting at conferences or attending scientific workshops. The scheme is currently open for submissions.  It forms part of the Departmental Athena SWAN action plan in that it addresses the action points from the Feedback and Networking Session with the Postdoctoral Research Associates of the Department. 

Applicants can also apply for funding to cover extra-ordinary costs relating to caring responsibilities when presenting at such meetings, e.g. costs related to caring for dependents, such as parents or funds required to cover additional childcare costs whilst attending a meeting. Applicants may also apply for funding for extra-ordinary costs in addition to travel funding which they have already secured from other sources.

Only those who are DoLS students/employees at the time and who hold a contract three months beyond the dates of the meeting are eligible to apply. We are only able to accept applications for meetings that take place at least one calendar month after the closing dates of the competition. The awards will normally be restricted to one award per lab and one award during a PhD or 3 year contract of employment.

Travel Awards will be made in the order of:

  • Up to £200 for travel within UK
  • Up to £500 for travel outside UK

 Costs can include:

  • Airfare, rail or other travel as appropriate (including local travel)
  • Subsistence (at the rate consistent with the area visited)
  • Registration fees
  • Extra-ordinary costs relating to caring responsibilities
  • Training courses (UK only)

Costs cannot include:

  • Research expenses
  • Equipment
  • Departmental costs
  • Bench fees
  • Medical insurance
  • Excess baggage costs
  • Contributions towards salaries
  • Expenses due to cancellations - not liable for costs if activity is cancelled
  • Shipping costs
  • Visa charges
  • Work permits
  • Immunisations

Extra-ordinary cost awards: the limit for these awards is flexible and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information please email

Applications can be made online 

All applications will be reviewed one a term and outcomes will be communicated as soon as possible.