We’re happy to announce that the Department of Life Sciences will be taking part in the 2024 Imperial College Research Fellowship Scheme (ICRF).

The scheme is designed for outstanding early career researchers looking for an opportunity to focus on research and establish scientific independence, making the leap from a post-doctoral researcher to permanent lecturer.  

Candidates are expected to have no more than four years of post-doctoral research experience. Extensions to this time period will be considered in circumstances that support our commitment to diversity, a positive research culture and non-traditional career paths.   

Applicants can be UK nationals or international candidates.

Proposals that fit within the Department’s Research Themes will be considered for submission.

To apply via the Department of Life Sciences, you should first make contact and discuss your application with a potential sponsor who is currently at Imperial.

We ask that you submit your CV and a short summary of your proposed project, including a career development plan, and a letter of support from your sponsor to the Departmental Research and Fellowships Committee for review and consideration against the current departmental activities and priorities.

A decision will then be made whether your application will be supported by the Department, and feedback will be supplied if requested.

All applicants must submit their application to the committee before 4pm, 12 July 2024.

Further up to date details and support can be found on the Imperial College Research Fellowships website, found here.